Void Filling Services

One Of Our Specialties

Void Filling Applications

Polyurethane foam is an excellent way to fill voids and stabilize settled concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam, or Fill foam, is a mud jacking alternative that can be formulated for high expansion to maximize void filling, slow or fast reaction times for optimal spread, and variable densities to meet the needs of your concrete levelling project. Brosco Concrete provides void-filling services to lift and level your sunken concrete in London, Ontario. 

How It Works

Prevent Water Infiltration

Brosco Concrete's void filling process uses expanding polyurethane foam, which is injected below any concrete slab, raising it back to its original height. This process is used to fill voids and cavities beneath concrete slabs to prevent water infiltration.

Levelling Cement - Wash Outs
Void Filling Illustration - Voids


Strong/ Light Weight

Poly foam weighs about 2-6lbs. Per cubic ft., standard concrete grout fill material can weigh up to 100-150lbs.


Once injected and cured, poly foam will not wash away as it is hydro-phobic making it impervious to water.


Quick Cure Time

Downtime is minimal. Within 15 – 20 minutes after the poly foam is injected, the area can be ready for use. This makes polyurethane foam perfect for high-traffic areas.


Brosco Concrete's polyurethane void filling services offer superior results with minimal mess and no disruption to surrounding areas.

Use it Everywhere

Uses & Applications

● Trench Filling/Wash Out● Abandoned culverts, ducts & pipes● Abandoned mine shafts● Rocking concrete floor panels● Main/ Individual unit floors in an apartment building● Annular spaces — Tunnels● Catch basins and manholes● Culverts and pipes to be abandoned● Behind replaced concrete wall panel● Washed out bridge approach slabs● Voids under concrete

Use it at Home

Residential Applications

● Pool apron & Decks● Wash out under basement slabs● Critter control● Driveways● Patios● Walkways and Steps